Friday, 11 March 2016

My Favorited person

   my Favorited person   

My Favourite person is my Nana because she takes me and my brothers and my Sister to my Aunty house and we walk slowly sometimes we played there and we eat there when it hot we come inside and watch TV and play Nana is cool because she give me a lollipop and some drink sometimes we like go to the park and play there.

We  like bring food and drink there when we get tired. Sometimes my Nana likes cooking Tongan food and we like helping Nana when my mum is busy doing the food we looked after our Family when we go outside we do our own garden we always do it every day.

We always go with her to Church sometimes when we come back we eat with her. After that we clean up our bed and have some rest we love our Nana. 

           The End         

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