Monday, 10 August 2015

Henry The Explore

                                               Henry the explorer     

             At the end Henry didn't make it home because he didn’t find the trail
     back home he needed to find a safe place to stay for the night. Mum will be very worried. Suddenly Angus started to sniff the ground “what are you sniffing on the ground Angus,” he kept on sniffing the ground and walking away. “Where are you going Angus wait for me,” said Henry. Henry was tired and hungry but he kept following Angus who was still walking and sniffing the ground “I think we are lost Angus,” he started barking excitedly. Henry looked ahead and saw a police car with its lights on and he ran towards the light and Angus was still barking and running. The police man shone  his torch at Angus and Henry “can you take me home I’ve been lost for days and my dog save us.” “Your mum will be glad to see you,” said the policeman.

                                              The End


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