Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tamaki College sports

On Tuesday Tamaki College students came to Glenbrae School to teach us sports we got separated in groups. Next after that two Boys came they name was Ben and Max we were playing rugby with a Big Ball they they was red and yellow I was on the yellow.

Ben had the Ball and he told us to ran and gets the ball  so we ran and we were bumping each other the red team had  more points than us so kolo had the ball base it to me and I
base it’s too loto and he ran fast as he can and he got a try It's was so fun After that we played octopus loto was in and I was in they all ran and we have to tag them.

there was four people gots out ben and max was in he said let move on he said this was our last one. The last game leapfrog we have to lay down and one person have to jump over the person and they have to jump I was so Hot so i had a rest it was time to go so we pack our stuff and we went sit down After that the bell rang so we went to class and have our morning tea.I was a very FUN day

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