Tuesday, 1 August 2017

what is insulation

what is insulation?
 Insulation keeps the heat inside and it keeps the cold air outside and keeps your warm during the winter. Use pink batts to keep your house warm like use it for the ceiling and for the walls.

where you put insulation?
you put your pink batts in the walls,floors,roof and mammoth insulation for the walls. You can get Mammoth from the warehouse. You gonna have to do it in a mask because it might be itchy

why do you need one?
because many people don't have warm house and many people have them. some of them can get sick or die, even your brother or sister.
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  1. Hi Maselino,

    What a wonderful piece of writing about insulation! I can tell you have learnt lots from this science intensive. Is pink batts expensive to buy?