Monday, 28 August 2017

room 4 best day

Today we were at Mr mooyman class room 4 we were helping them with there learning helping them to active reading on their ipad Vainikolo was in the other side helping some group off kids like there group was thor,hulk,ironman,blackwidow,i took hulk and thor Mr Mooyman told us we start at studyladder it's just like math game were kids can go to.

After that Mr Mooyman told us rotation please so it was time for us to go to movie station and reading corner it like when they read and it's the person turn this is were they readwebcam-toy-photo1.jpg Next: Vanikolo took the outher group to do studyladder math like this
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  1. Hi Maselino,

    Well done for recounting your experiences in room 4! It sounds like you were really helpful to Mr Mooyman!Next time remember to write what happened at the end of the lesson.