Tuesday, 26 September 2017

police dogs

today after morning tea we quickly run to our class because the police dog came up were the court so all the class came even the teacher so we quickly sat down Meanwhile we saw the police dog and a man that train the dog when they got up with the dog the man name was Collin and the dogs name was Kase and there was another man called Grant.

the dogs weight was 39kg WOW and it was a German Shepard its was a boy dog it can track people and injection for the dog Collin said that the dog likes to play with him and sometime toys and run around sometimes they said the hard parts was it need to train to bites bad guys

so collin told Grant to go and wear a strange clothes and when he came up with a strange the dog started bark maybe he hates it the clothes so he came to see dog and he said that he was ready so Collin let go of the dog and it went and bite his hand. 


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